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47 West Philadelphia Street

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Heidelberg     United Church of Christ




47 West Philadelphia Street

York, Pennsylvania 17401


Ours is an ancient story, as old as creation itself, and ever new.  It is story that shapes and bends our worship.

· the story of God hovering about the waters of chaos and speaking creation into being;

· the story of the earth’s people searching for meaning and purpose;

· the story of the creation yearning for completion;

· the story of the man Jesus who fully integrated his divine and human natures and seeks to show us how to do the same;

· the story of each one of us who quest to walk on this earth with integrity, justice, tenderness and love.


At Heidelberg, we’re known for weaving stories, myths and fables, both ancient and new, into our worship experience, inviting us to think about the Holy in rich and diverse ways.


Worship at Heidelberg defines and forms who we are.  Our worship experiences are diverse and innovative, a blend of traditions, both ancient and contemporary.  We are unapologetically Christian yet unabashedly progressive in how we express that faith.

Our sanctuary is beautifully appointed with a magnificent  pipe organ and glorious stained glass windows and marble flooring, a majestic space.  But we have replaced half our pews with comfortable upholstered chairs to allow us the flexibility to arrange the worship space in a variety of ways, depending on our worship design and focus.



Worship at “The Story Telling Church”


Our worship space is artistically transformed each week to help lead us in our sacred journey. We hope to provide a comfortable, relaxed service where we might be immersed in the sacred and leave refreshed and empowered to live out our faith.


In addition to our Sunday morning 10:45 worship, ( 10:00 AM in the summer) we gather throughout the year for seasonal Liturgical observances, earth celebrations (Equinox and Solstice Observances),  casual worship events led by our in house musical band “The Stray Catechisms”, and services of healing, reflection and meditation.


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